Intro to Printmaking



(Above: Holiday card made of a linoleum block and red ink, by artist Katharine Watson, which can be found at Paper Source stores around the country)

Students in K-8 started their special second quarter art project today. Thanks to a grant from the PTO, we were able to purchase professional (but student friendly) art materials from Dick Blick for our printmaking project. Grades 4-8 used the materials from Dick Blick while students in K-3 used the back of paintbrushes and foam board for this project. We watched a video interview from artist Katharine Watson, who is a Washington DC based artist and print maker and learned a lot about the printmaking process. The older students will also memorize printmaking terms (such as ink, brayer, print, edition and plate) and take quiz on them next week.

Since the holidays are coming up, this school-wide art project also presents a community emphasis. We talked a lot about how many stores are open later during the holiday season to accommodate all the people who purchase gifts for friends and family during this time. We also discussed the concept of giving back during this time of year and showing our appreciation for the workers’ efforts. As a token of our appreciation as a student body, each student will print their design at least two times: 1 to keep and 1 to give away. We will make cards for our school’s administration, teachers, nursing home and the workers who work at the shopping center across the street from our school.
The students are very excited about this project and look forward to trying out something new this winter! Happy Holidays!

(Below: Holiday card made with a linoelum block and green ink, by artist Katharine Watson, which can be found at Paper Source stores around the country)



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